What unusual words do you use at work? Oxford English Dictionary needs your help

With words and phrases like 'comped', 'sweat the pipes' and 'collar and board' used in different professions on a daily basis, the Oxford English Dictionary is wanting to know what unusual words you use at work.

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 10:32 am
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 10:38 am
What words do you use at work?

While the majority of us understand what it means to hot desk, and are familiar with terms such as you’re nicked or code blue there are vast numbers of words and phrases used by people at work that those who aren't in the know who don't understand.

Read: What will the government ration first in 2019? The odds on wine, gin and petrol rationing according to BetfairThe Oxford English Dictionary (OED) already includes many terms from all kinds of trades and professions but are appealing for people to come forward with some that might not already be featured.

The OED is asking everyone from doctors to firefighters, builders and teachers to share the words and expressions they use at work.

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Fiona McPherson, Senior Editor at the OED, said: “When we use words every day at work, it’s difficult to imagine that their meanings might not be quite so obvious to other people.

"However, with such a vast array of professions and industries, it’s not surprising that certain terms from your own workplace may lead to looks of bemusement from those not in the know.

"Whether you have baffled others or been baffled, let us know about these words and terms from your working life.”

To get involved use the hashtag #wordsatwork on Twitter.