What’s Up with WhatsApp? Users bereft as messaging service fails

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WhatsApp users were up in arms on today as the messaging service went down across the globe for 45 minutes.

The service failed at around 8.30am - showing just a buffer wheel and a “connecting” message when users tried to get online.

The UK was hit, as well as Russia, South Africa, parts of India, Malaysia, Spain and Germany, according to Downdetector.co.uk.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to express their dismay at the interruption to their social lives.

One user posted: “For a moment I thought I was boring that my friends are angry at me.

“Then I realised that WhatsApp is down.

“Thanks to Twitter.”

Another wrote: “Who else came here to see if WhatsApp is down?”

But customers saw the funny side when the service resumed at about 9.15am.

One person posted: “I actually had to phone someone because of Whatsapp. Tonight we head for the streets my children.”

Another joked: “2 mins of silence for those who uninstalled and then installed WhatsApp again #WhatsAppDown.”

The tech company was not immediately available for comment.