What is the pull a pig game? The cruel new prank explained after woman left stranded abroad

Sophie Stevenson
Sophie Stevenson
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A cruel prank which involves a man attempting to 'pull' an overweight or ugly woman has been put in the spotlight after a girl flew 400 miles only to be 'pigged'.

Sophie Stevenson was left devastated after flying to Barcelona only to be told she was the victim of the 'pull a pig' prank.
After making the long trip from Stoke, she received a text from Dutchman Jesse Mateman which said 'you were pigged', leaving her in tears.

But what is the pull a pig game?

According to internet slang website Urban Dictionary, the term is the name of a game in which a group of young men go out and try to pull the most unattractive girl they can find.

The “winner” is the man who pulls the ugliest one.

What does being pigged mean?

If you are pigged, you become the victim of a 'pull a pig' prank.

Sophie Stevenson said she felt sick after her would-be love Jesse told her she had been pigged and their holiday romance was just a twisted joke.
She said: "Pulling a pig is where a guy tries to pull the fat, ugly girl. I felt sick."

What is Josie Cunningham's Pull The Pig dating site?

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Josie Cunningham launched a dating site in 2014 called 'Pull The Pig'.

She said the site was aimed at 'average looking women', although the site itself is still blank with nothing published on it.