What happened to Shannon Matthews after she was rescued from her kidnapping?

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It is a case which gripped Yorkshire as the great news broke that Shannon had been found - and the case then turned as the family's kidnap hoax was revealed.

As the BBC One drama The Moorside hits screens - its first episode was watched by more than seven million people - the question is now being asked: Where is Shannon Matthews now?

Shannon was found on March 14, 2008 at a house in Batley Carr, one mile from her Dewsbury home.

A legal order prevents anyone from contacting Shannon or revealing her whearebouts today, but she is now 18.

Her grandparents have told the media recently that they have seen Shannon and that she is a 'beautiful' girl.

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Her mother Karen Matthews did not always maintain a comfortable home life, often failed to attend health care appointments with her children and, as they grew up, did not always ensure they attended school regularly.

She also struggled to prioritise the needs of her children over her own for relationships with a number of men.

Three of her children were placed on the child protection register because she failed to protect them from people who posed a risk of physical and/or sexual abuse, among other issues – such as ensuring they went to school.

Two psychological assessments of Matthews, in 1997 and 2004, found that she had a borderline learning disability.