What could Britain’s ‘£50 billion Brexit divorce bill’ also pay for?

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The UK has reportedly agreed that it will pay a “divorce bill” of up to £50 billion when the country quits the European Union.

Here are some things that the money would pay for if it was not being sent to the European Union:

* 21 weeks of the annual NHS budget, based on the £123.8 billion figure for 2017/2018.

* 89% of the total projected £56 billion cost of the planned HS2 rail link between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

* The £41 billion cost of renewing the UK’s submarine fleet carrying the Trident nuclear deterrent, with some left over.

* Almost three new runways at Heathrow Airport, based on the Airports Commission projected £17.6 billion cost of the current planned third runway.

* The £19,971 starting salary for 2,503,630 new police constables in England and Wales.

* The £19,909 starting salary for 2,511,426 newly qualified nurses in England and Wales.

* The reported £500,000 weekly salary of football star Lionel Messi at Barcelona for 1,900 years.

* The £350 million weekly payment Brexit campaigners said could be redirected to the NHS after the UK left the EU, for 143 weeks.

Sources: NHS Confederation, Police Federation, Royal College of Nursing, PA Archive