What Corbyn had to say on Scarborough rally

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is greeted by cheering crowds
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is greeted by cheering crowds
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Jeremy Corbyn was given a roaring reception when more than 1,000 people turned out to a campaign rally in Scarborough

Joined by John Prescott, Mr Corbyn travelled to the seaside town to show his support for Labour candidate Eric Broadbent for Scarborough and Whitby at the Spa sun court today (Monday May 22).

John Prescott takes a stand against fox hunting

John Prescott takes a stand against fox hunting

Speaking to the roaring crowds, Mr Corbyn said: "This is a constituency that we want to win - that's why we are here."

The seat has been held by Conservative Robert Goodwill for the past three elections but Labour is hoping that will change with their candidate Eric Broadbent, borough and county councillor in Scarborough.

During his speech, Mr Corbyn was met with huge cheers as he spoke of Labour's manifesto on social care, education, culture funding and arts in schools.

Speaking to The Scarborough News following the rally, Mr Corbyn said: "We are very pleased with the reaction, very pleased with the enthusiasm of the crowd. But also its diversity, everybody was there young, old, black white, gay, straight, and people with their children and their dogs."

He also spoke on transport in coastal towns and electrifying railways in the area and across the country. He said British seasides have completely changed and people no longer come for a week they come for days and special events.

Mr Corbyn said: "That means you actually need better transport connections. Whilst we have electrified railway lines on the spines of the country, East coast, West coast and West of England route. What we don't usually have is electrified lines to the coast.

"We are pledged to improve electrification across the whole system but also a cross rail for the north which is essentially linking north east ports with Manchester and Liverpool on the other side. That's what the national investment bank is about.

"And so Scarborough to be successful, and it's a wonderful place, obviously has to be attractive to get to and if it's not attractive to get to people aren't going to come."

Jeremy Corbyn on stage at The Scarborough Spa

Jeremy Corbyn on stage at The Scarborough Spa

Residents and visitors who turned out for the event shared their views on the Labour leader and his policies.

Jackie Turner, 62, of Scarborough, is a Labour campaigner. She said: "People are frightened in Scarborough at the moment and they need to Jeremy Corbyn's message. We have been working very hard in the area and have had a great response so far. I don't see why Scarborough can't have another Labour MP."

Cheryl Mann, 29, was at the rally at Scarborough Spa wanting reassurance for the future of her children. She said: "We need to stop the funding cuts in schools. We need to let our children have the best possible start in life and at the moment they are not. Change is needed."

Retired nurse of 25 years Liz Francis, 65, said: "Health services has been decimated over the past few years and it needs to stop. We need to give our youngsters a good start in life too."

Mr Corbyn shakes hands with supporters

Mr Corbyn shakes hands with supporters

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