What a beautiful idea!

Jayne Dawson reveals the secrets of the supermodels.

Supermodels have natural advantages when it comes to the world of beauty, being naturally thin, leggy and beautifully boned.

But even the most lovely of women needs a bit of help sometimes to present her best face to the world – and models are ideally placed to know about the best that is out there.

They constantly pick up tips from stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists who have to make it their business to know about the top products in the beauty field.

If there is a product worth having, or advice worth following, these professionals will have passed the secret on to the women who make their living out of their looks.

Now former model and Yorkshire woman Vikki Nixon, who worked on international catwalks for ten years before going behind the scenes as a fashion writer, has put together a book of supermodels' beauty secrets revealing what they use and what they do.

She said: "Models won't waste time on overpriced beauty and fashion – they know tricks that won't cost a fortune.

"The best advice is don't be a beauty product victim, if it works for you stick with it. Most expensive beauty products won't benefit anyone but their makers."

Here are a few of the supermodel top tips.


Favourite products that don't cost a fortune

• Vaseline Lip Therapy

• Optrex Eye Dew Blue Eye Drops

• Nivea Cream

• Simple Fast Acting Cleansing Lotion

• Astral Moisturiser

• Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel

• Pampers Baby Wipes (good for cleaning faces)

You might not have thought of this but....

Need to look good fast.

Here are a few model tips for dealing with emergencies.

• Eyebags? The answer, when nothing else will work, is a thin layer of haemorrhoid cream gently applied to the bags. Leave for ten minutes and then remove the residue with eye make-up remover. It is a trick that has apparently rescued many make-up artists when faced with a nightmare pair of eyes but should only be used in an emergency.

• Feet Killing You? If it's a party situation and your high heels are torturing you, the answer, according to the supermodels, is at the bar. No, don't just lean on it, order a double vodka quick and rub it all over your aching tootsies. Neat vodka will numb the pain and you will be able to dance as much as you like.

• Can't walk in heels? The knack of walking well in very high heels is to think of yourself as walking on the balls of your feet, not your heels.

• In the mood for drinking? Try a tablespoon of Silicol Gel before you start boozing. Supermodels say it lines the stomach and intestine with a protective layer. Take another spoonful before bed to ensure minimal damage.

• And finally... flabby upper arms? Never wave to people, or at least not in that full-armed fashion. Perhaps that explains the secret of the Royal Wave.