West Yorkshire Police will no longer take lost keys, watches or bikes as it changes lost property policy

Police will ask people to hand lost wallets to the bank first
Police will ask people to hand lost wallets to the bank first
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West Yorkshire Police won't be accepting all lost and found property after national guidelines changed on February 1.

Police will continue to accept mobile phones, high value items and anything dangerous, however people who have found items such as ID or bank cards will be advised to hand those in elsewhere.

Police will continue to accept the following:

Mobile telephones

High value jewellery and possessions

MP3 Players



Firearms/Shotguns, ammunition, explosives, chemicals, toxins, drugs or poisons or anything dangerous must be reported to a member of staff immediately

Police will still accept the following items but will ask that people go first to the relevant agency, for example the bank or the DVLA:

Bank Card, Identity Cards, Personal documentation

Birth marriage and death certificates

British Passports, foreign passports, driving licences and other identity documents

UK driving licences

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Police will not accept:


Empty handbags, bags, wallets and purses



Perishable goods








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David Peach the Force Helpdesk Manager for West Yorkshire Police said: "From not accepting low value property such as handbags, wallets, clothing and perishable goods it will save police officers and staff hours of time, experience shows that these type of items are rarely repatriated with the owner.

"The changes have come from the National Police Chiefs Council and all Police forces are following the same guidelines.

"If you have any questions the force has a dedicated webpage answering any questions members of the public have."