West Yorkshire: Police swoop on M62 learner accompanied only by a parrot

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POLICE pulled over a woman learner on the M62 after spotting she was accompanied only by a pet parrot.

She was stopped in a 4x4 car near junction 22 in West Yorkshire on Sunday. Police said she was alone apart from the bird.

A police spokesman said: “Provisional drivers are only allowed to drive while accompanied by a qualified driver and are not supposed to drive on motorways at all.”

Officers confiscated the car. The driver will face motoring charges, including speeding.

Chief Inspector Mark Bownass of West Yorkshire Police said: “The rules of the road exist for a very good reason and it is important to remember that if this lady had been in a crash or incident she would not have been covered by insurance as she was not licensed for the journey.

“Anyone who takes to the roads as a learner must be accompanied by a qualified driver, have a good understanding of the Highway Code and also make sure they are covered by the qualified drivers insurance policy.”

Stephen Blake of the CMA  Photo: Vikki Ellis

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