West Yorkshire Police officer accidentally prosecutes himself for 'driving untaxed vehicle' in form blunder

A police officer managed to prosecute themselves for road tax by accident...
A police officer managed to prosecute themselves for road tax by accident...
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A West Yorkshire Police officer managed to prosecute himself for driving an untaxed vehicle thanks to a form-filling blunder.

The force's Roads Police Unit revealed the error on social media after sharing this image of the letter the officer inadvertently and mistakenly issued to himself.

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A tweet from the force said: "To the great amusement of the rest of the office, one of our colleagues managed to fill a form in incorrectly, and prosecuted himself for driving an untaxed vehicle! Definately a bunable offence?" (Yes, that says 'bunable' not banable...)

The officer apparently put his own details on the form instead of those of the person who was supposed to be prosecuted.

The letter the officer accidentally sent himself said: "We have received evidence that at 21.20 hours on 15.02.2018 this vehicle was being used or kept while untaxed in Oak Lane Bradford.

"It is an offence to use or keep an untaxed vehicle and our latest information shows that you were the vehicle's keeper on that date.

"Even if you have taxed the vehicle since this date the offence still stands. You must now pay an out of court settlement of £81 in full by 01.04.2018 to stop us taking you to court.

"This is separate to fees paid to the agency's wheel clamping contractors if your vehicle is clamped or impounded.

"Yours sincerely, Enforcement Officer."

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