West Yorkshire Police drink drive message is hitting home

The annual West Yorkshire Christmas 'don't drink and drive' message seems to be getting across to motorists in south and central Leeds.

Though police will not reveal latest breathtesting results until January, reports suggest a very low level of drivers failing checks.

In three days of a week-long operation to target drink drivers using the roads in the area and raise awareness of the dangers of their actions, 300 drivers were stopped and required to give breath specimens.

A particular focus was motorists driving to work after drinking the night before who might be over the limit and motorists drinking after work before heading home.

The operation was continuing right up until the Christmas break.

Sgt Graham Slarke, who leads City and Holbeck Roads Policing Unit, said: "We're now in the office party season, where some may be tempted to drink and drive home. Others could be driving to work after drinking the night before.

"Being slightly over the limit can have a major effect on your

judgement and reactions.

"A motorist who has one too many is one too many drunk drivers on the road. For employees caught drink-driving, that last drink at the party could be the last with colleagues."

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