West Yorkshire: Inquiry into police shooting

Investigators probing the shooting of a man in a West Yorkshire gun siege have confirmed the man died after being shot by a marksman.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed that the man who died, 42-year-old Alistair Bell - a divorcee with a daughter and step-son - died after being hit by a bullet from a police firearms team weapon during the seige at his house in Cockley Hill Lane, Kirkheaton,

between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Police had laid seige to the home after he opened fire with a gun when unarmed officers went to the address to arrest him after interviewing a woman who had made a 999 call at 6pm on Monday complaining that Mr Bell had made threats against her and her husband.

The IPCC said that when the officers arrived at Mr Bell's home, he produced a weapon and fired at the unarmed police, hitting the body armour of one officer, causing bruising to his lower back.

Firearms officers were deployed and the house was sealed off while negotiations were opened with Mr Bell.

"At 5:30am on Tuesday one firearms officer discharged his Heckler and Koch G36 carbine and Mr Bell sustained fatal injuries," said the statement.

A 9mm self-loading pistol has been recovered from the house.

The IPCC is independently investigating Mr Bell's death and the circumstances surrounding it. A post mortem has been conducted on Mr Bell.

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