West Yorkshire firm designs new £200,000 sleigh for Santa

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Father Christmas has joined the technological age with a new £200,000 high-tech sleigh courtesy of a Pontefract company.

Metals4U has designed the Gadget Sleigh 900 (GS-900) which offers Santa GPS navigation, parking sensors, and a carrot launcher.

The sleigh also comes with a convertible roof, hybrid rocket boosters - in case the reindeers get tired - and a nose-wiper for Rudolph.

It also has an integrated sound system, heated seats, parking sensors and a chimney camera.

Michael Ward, customer service operative, said: “We just felt like Santa deserved a bit of an upgrade.

“His old wooden sleigh is a little bit dated and we wanted to bring him into the 21st century.

“The rocket boosters can give the reindeer a hand too if they get tired.”

The sleigh has been designed with the winter weather in mind, and has heated seats and a super tough Gorilla Glass windscreen.

The integrated sound system comes complete with a Christmas playlist in case Father Christmas wants to listen to some festive Slade or Wizzard tunes while he’s flying around.

Its streamlined design allows for maximum efficiency.

The company, whose factory is on the Royal Business Park, King Street, Pontefract, has set a hefty price tag of £199,995 plus VAT for a sleigh.

Mr Ward said: “We’ve had a lot of interest but no-one has actually ordered one yet.

“If anyone does order one, we will build one complete with all the features. We’ve done the research into it and we have all of the materials to make one.”

For more information, visit Metal4U’s website at www.metals4u.co.uk