West Yorkshire coroner warned over ‘misconduct’ after failing to report driving ban

David Hinchliff. PIC: SWNS
David Hinchliff. PIC: SWNS

A coroner has been reprimanded for failing to tell his boss he had been given a six-month driving ban after committing a number of speeding offences.

David Hinchliff, who oversees inquests in West Yorkshire, received a warning from judicial watchdogs.

Officials at the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said an inquiry established that Mr Hinchliff was disqualified in 2016 after accumulating 12 penalty points and that he had failed to “report the matter” to the Chief Coroner, Judge Mark Lucraft.

A spokesman said judicial heads concluded that Mr Hinchcliff’s behaviour amounted to “misconduct” and issued a “formal warning”.