West Yorkshire Conservative candidate implies working class people can't go to Costa

Costa Coffee and Calvert
Costa Coffee and Calvert
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A Conservative candidate standing in West Yorkshire has landed himself in hot water on social media after implying that working class people can't visit Costa Coffee.

Anthony Calvert, standing for election in the Wakefield constituency, tweeted about an encounter with a voter at Westgate Shopping Centre.

He tweeted the account of the run-in: "‘Man reconises me at #Wakefield Westgate [shopping centre]. “These f***** Tories, always looking 2 trample on t’working class, like me”. Man walks into Costa,’ he wrote.

His election rival Mary Creagh drew the knives, tweeting: "This sneering tweet sums up why Wakefield Tory candidate don't deserve your vote #standwithmary"

The most popular response, which had more than 2,000 likes on Twitter, was from @joelgolby, which read: "ee, 'appen! what are t'poor folk like, eh! them's only allowed thems poor things: lard, dogs, and tory enforced misery."

Ms Creagh successfully defended her Wakefield seat at the last election but with a majority of just 2,613 which the Conservatives are hopeful of overcoming this time round.

Mr Calvert was also the Conservatives' candidate in Wakefield two years ago.

Responding, Mr Calvert said: "This tweet was sent several weeks ago and has only now been highlighted in an attempt to discredit me. "The tweet merely contains statements of fact and I wrote it to show how people involved in politics are unfortunately subject to abuse. Any other perception taken from the tweet was not intended."