West Yorkshire burglary victim was 'scared at home' after crime

Natalie Starr.
Natalie Starr.

A victim of a burglary in West Yorkshire has spoken about how she became scared when alone in her own home after the crime.

Mother-of-two Natalie Starr, from Bradford, has this week been helping West Yorkshire Police to highlight how "deeply distressing" the offence can be after she returned home from a family dog walk to find her house had been turned upside down.

The 35-year-old was out with her two young children, aged four and five, when she received a devastating call from her neighbour to say she had seen Natalie’s car being driven away from the house.

In the penultimate statement issued as part of the week-long series, Natalie said: "The impact has been far more than I ever anticipated.

"After the burglary I was a little scared to be in the home on my own, it's quite dark here at night.

"I became a bit neurotic about locking doors behind me and making sure every door was locked in the house."

She has agreed to speak out in a bid to highlight how vulnerable the burglary made her feel.

She has since set up a Neighbourhood Watch group.