West Leeds: Uke can’t help but love this splash mob

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FORGeT flash mobs – splash mobs are the future, and this band of musicians are clearly leading the (watery) way.

The group of ukulele players jumped into the pool at Bramley Baths with their instruments before playing some songs in the water.

PIC: James Hardisty

PIC: James Hardisty

It was all part of a promotional drive for the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, which will be held in Huddersfield on September 13 and 14.

The event, in its second year, is organised by a group of 
enthusiasts based in Hebden Bridge.

They are hoping to bring the festival to Leeds soon and, to get the city in the mood, they teamed up with the folk at Bramley Baths - known for their own quirky and offbeat style - to ensure they made a pre-event splash.

Fiona Pattison, publicity officer for the festival - and a novice ukelele player herself - said: “We’d done a ‘flash mob’ earlier on and one of the organisers, Clarice Woke, decided to do a ‘splash mob’.

“I’ve never seen one before, I think it may be the first. We contacted Bramley Baths because they are known for doing things differently.”

Miss Pattison said that the ukulele has become increasingly popular because it is easier to learn than guitar.

“Clarice is ambassador of the festival and she has been going out to all the ukulele clubs in Yorkshire, and there are quite a lot of them,” she explained. “There are only a few chords to learn and it’s smaller than a guitar. And unlike solo guitar players, who don’t like sharing the spotlight, when you play the ukulele it sort of invites people into the circle.”
Visit www.northernuke.com for more details.