West Leeds: Summer roadworks warning to drivers

Rodley roundabout.
Rodley roundabout.
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Motorists in west Leeds are being warned to expect delays as work is due to start to improve three busy roundabouts this summer.

Improvements will be made to Thornbury Barracks, Rodley and Horsforth roundabouts in a bid to ease congestion around the west of the city.

Engineers will start working at the Thornbury junction in July and similar improvement schemes will start at Horsforth and Rodley roundabouts in August.

But council bosses have insisted the work, which is due to be completed by April next year, has to be carried out at the same time because of restraints on funding for the improvement initiatives.

They claim the work at Thornbury and Rodley roundabouts is being funded by central Government’s Local Pinch Point Fund and the money for the schemes has to be spent by April 2015.

A Leeds City Council spokesman said that information will be made public to motorists to advise them about alternate routes while the work is being carried out.

He said: “Road works to improve conditions at Thornbury Barracks junction are set to start in July with similar improvement works at Horsforth and Rodley roundabouts starting in August.

“A significant portion of funding for Thornbury Barracks junction and Rodley roundabout is coming from central Government’s Local Pinch Point Fund but must be spent by April 2015.

“The Horsforth roundabout scheme is being funded from a number of other sources, but has been scheduled to begin this summer for some time.

“As we neared the beginning of work at Horsforth roundabout, the funding for Rodley and Thornbury became available. Because this needs to be spent by April next year and to ensure we address the issues in this area for the long-term we must carry out the work at the same time.

“Works affecting the existing carriageways will be carried out during off-peak periods wherever possible.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

“Relevant information will be provided to the public informing them of the works and make them aware of possible alternative routes during the construction period.” Do you think it’s a good idea to do this work at the same time? Or will it just lead to chaos? Click here to register and have your say on the stories and issues that matter to you

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