West Leeds: Recycled orchestra walks to a green beat

The mop-mob on the march at Bramley Baths. PIC: Simon Hulme
The mop-mob on the march at Bramley Baths. PIC: Simon Hulme
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Forget flash mobs, this ‘mop-mob’ orchestra has been bringing its unique brand of entertainment to a corner of Leeds.

Forty pupils from Leeds West Academy headed to the garden at Bramley Baths garden for an impromptu concert performed with homemade drumming instruments made of household cleaning equipment like basins and mops.

The ‘Stomp’-inspired performance was part of a school project and was the culmination of a week of research focused on the environment, with the aim to ‘Be Inspired Today, Save the Planet Tomorrow’.

As part of the project, in collaboration with Yorkshire Water, the Year 10 students researched and thought about recycling and water in the environment.

The unusual orchestra performed two pieces in the garden for parents and visitors.

Fran Graham, from the Friends of Bramley Baths, explained: “The reason for coming to Bramley Baths was because it is their local community pool, full of Yorkshire Water, and they wanted to remind people of the clean water available to swim in every day at the pool and how lucky we are to have so much supply, especially in a heatwave!

“They put on a brilliant show. They had reclaimed things and used things from their recycling bins.

“A lot of these pupils have learnt to swim here, so there were lots of reminiscences.”

Bramley Baths is run by a community-led organisation, after they put together a successful business plan to take over the building from the council. Miss Graham aid: “It was this time last year we were getting ready to take it over. We are now in a completely different situation and the community have really got involved.”

Karly Strawson and four-year-old Myles Smith, from Pontefract, strike a pose. Picture: James Hardisty

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