When warm weather is forecast for Leeds as snow and ice warnings give way to double figure temperatures

After a bout of cold weather, the Met Office is predicting a much warmer week, with temperatures reaching double figures.

By Sarah Jewers
Monday, 15th February 2021, 4:28 pm
This is when snow will give way to warmer weather
This is when snow will give way to warmer weather

There are still flood warnings in place across England, but this week should see some sunny spells.

Here’s what’s in store for Leeds:

Full weather forecast by the Met Office.

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It will start with some low cloud and fog, but this will clear to sunny spells for a much milder day than we’ve recently experienced.

The afternoon may see some cloud but will still continue to be bright.

Maximum temperatures will be 11 °C.

The Dales may see more clouds and even the odd spot of rain.

A fine Monday evening will give way to a wetter and windier night, but temperatures will only fall to a minimum of 4 °C.


Tuesday will be wetter than Monday, but still mild with some hope of sun.

The morning will start off damp but will clear to become brighter.

The afternoon may see some sharp showers, particularly around 4pm.

The evening and night will be dryer than the night before.

The maximum temperatures during the day will be 12 °C..

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

A combination of windy, rainy and some sun but generally still mild.

Some slight temperature falls may see frosts returning.