Leeds set for scorching sunshine weather and peak of 31C in Friday heat - full Leeds weather forecast

Leeds is set for a scorching sunny Friday according to the weather forecast.

Thursday, 30th July 2020, 5:02 pm

It might be time to bust out the sun tan lotion and crack out the shades, as Leeds prepares for an absolute scorcher and what could be the hottest day of the year so far.

How hot will it be in Leeds on Friday?

Most of the UK is already benefitting from a spell of very warm weather which kicked in on Thursday, but it's going to get even hotter before it cools down again.

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Sunshine is set to sizzle Leeds on Saturday

Monday and Tuesday began the week wet and cold, but sunshine has broken through as the week has progressed.

The Met Office says that temperatures will hit a sizzling 31 degrees C on Friday in Leeds.

Sunshine will start right from dawn on Friday, with temperatures starting out at 16 degrees on Friday at 6am, reaching 22C by 10am and peaking at a sensational 30-31C from 2pm to 5pm.

There won't be a cloud in the sky between 6am and 2pm, according to the forecast, so a lunchtime sunbathe could be on the cards.

A Met Office forecast said: "Most of the UK is now benefitting from a brief spell of very warm weather. Temperatures are expected to peak on Friday before quickly cooling down over the weekend.

"There was a wet, windy and cool start to the week for many as an unseasonably deep area of low pressure crossed the UK. This brought gusts of wind of over 50 mph in some places and 35.8mm of rain was recorded in Shap on Monday.

"In its wake much of the UK is now experiencing warm, bright, settled weather with plenty of sunshine and increasing temperatures. Warm air is being drawn up from the continent and temperatures will reach mid to high 20C for much of the UK on Friday.

"The temperature is likely to top 30C across much of central, southern and eastern England on Friday, with a few places in and around London reaching as high as 34C or even 35C. "

Will Leeds have a heatwave?

Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said; “The bulk of England and Wales will have dry, very warm and sunny weather to end the week with Friday likely to be the hottest day of the year so far for the UK. A few thunderstorms are possible later on Friday and then a cold front moves eastwards by Saturday, bringing a downturn in temperatures once again.”

"Sunday will see further showers moving in from the west, interspersed with sunny spells.

"To meet the criteria for a heatwave, high temperatures need to persist for three days or more. This short hot spell will not reach the requirements to become a heatwave.

"Whatever the weather we are all being urged to remember the Government Coronavirus guidelines."