"We must rally round and support each other" - West Yorkshire Police issue statement on Manchester terror attack

West Yorkshire Police's Assistant Chief Angela Williams
West Yorkshire Police's Assistant Chief Angela Williams
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West Yorkshire Police have issued a statement on the Manchester terror attack.

In it, Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams has called for unity and stressed that security is being reviewed for several planned events and 'large scale gatherings' in the area.

Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams, of West Yorkshire Police, said: "I can't begin to imagine the pain people who have lost a loved one are going through right now and my thoughts are with those impacted by these terrible events 

"The concert was supposed to be a fun and entertaining event but one that ended in a devastating way. 

"What is important is that now we rally round and support each other to ensure those who intend to cause harm can never win. 

"I am appealing directly to members of the community to remember and cherish the values that bring us together, especially in terms of adversity. 

"Manchester is only a short drive away - such an attack impacts on all of us. 

"As a Police Force we are already providing practical help and assistance to our colleagues in Greater Manchester Police and we stand together with them at this most difficult of times. 

"Our number one priority is to keep the public safe and we have increased police patrols across West Yorkshire. 

"This includes increased numbers of armed officers. They are at key locations and events to provide a highly visible presence. 

"The aim of our increased patrols is to provide a reassuring presence to the communities we serve. I know this is concerning time but I want people to go about their daily business in a normal way, being alert but not alarmed. 

"Understandably we have had enquiries about large-scale gatherings and events due to take place in West Yorkshire. We are currently reviewing the planned security for all such forthcoming events as part of our ongoing work. 

"We are doing everything we can to protect the communities of West Yorkshire and this includes working with our partners. 

"If you have concerns or see anything suspicious I would urge you to report it immediately to the Confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789321. In an emergency always dial 999."