Watch the terrifying moment this lorry lost control and span out on a Leeds roundabout

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It's the moment that every driver fears - you turn round a corner and for whatever reason the vehicle suddenly slips from your control.

That appears to be what happened to this unfortunate lorry driver, who out of nowhere, span his truck on a busy Leeds roundabout.

Captured on a high def dashcam by YouTuber 'var10us', the footage shows the white lorry coming round the roundabout in the outside lane before suddenty going into a spin.

The vehicle slows as the lorry's cab suddenly swings into the wrong direction - and the adjacent lane - and the driver applies the brakes.

Fortunately, the vehicle behind spots the lorry's predicament in time and is able to slow to avoid hitting the cab.

It's not clear from the footage whether a mechanical fault may have been to blame - or even bad weather such as ice on the road.

But the driver reacted quickly to get things back under control and make sure everyone got through it safely. Well done!

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