Watch: Shocking drive-by assault in Leeds leads to police appeal

​CCTV footage of a young man being punched to the ground in a late night attack in Leeds has led to a police appeal.

A 23-year-old man and his friend were walking along Low Lane in Horsforth, near the A6120 roundabout at 11.30pm on Tuesday (April 18) when they were passed by a speeding vehicle.

The victim, who claims the car was speeding past them at the time, then gestured for the car to slow down.

The vehicle - a dark coloured Audi - then stopped and three men got out. One of them punched the victim in the face before the group fled the scene.

West Yorkshire Police are now investigating the incident. The suspect is described as 5'8'', of Asian appearance, stocky and with dark hair. He was wearing dark sports clothing.

Officers are looking at CCTV footage from businesses in the area.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "At 11.30pm on Tuesday, April 18, police received a report of an assault on a 23-year-old man near to the roundabout junction of Low Lane, Horsforth, and the A6120 ring road.

"The victim reported he had been with a friend waiting to cross the road when a car passed them at speed and his friend gestured for the car to slow down.

"The car, believed to be a dark-coloured Audi, stopped and three Asian males got out. One of the men punched the victim in the face before he and the others got back in the car and left the scene. The attacker was described as Asian, about 5ft 8ins tall, stocky, with black curly hair. He was wearing dark sports clothing.

"The incident is currently under investigation and officers are due to speak to the victim again to confirm details."

27 October 2017.
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