WATCH: See inside abandoned Leeds army hospital

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This north Leeds mansion has a fascinating past.

Gledhow Grove in Chapel Allerton is one of the area's most impressive buildings - and served as a World War One military hospital.

Urban explorers have regularly filmed the mansion's crumbling interiors since it was abandoned in 1994.

It was built in the 1830s for flax mill owner John Hives, but by 1927 had become a hospital specialising in the treatment of soldiers injured in World War One. Officers and other ranks had separate wards, and by 1940, when war broke out again, there were 18 wards, a nurses' home and a bomb shelter in the basement. The hospital had a national reputation for its work in the field of artificial limb technology.

It passed into NHS ownership and modern wings were built in the grounds before the entire facility was moved to the modern Chapel Allerton Hospital in the 1990s, and housing built on the site. Only the listed mansion survives.

The building had its own radio station, Radio Allerton, with a recording studio that can still be seen. In 2008, urban explorers discovered filing cabinets in the basement which contained confidential patient records that had been left there when the site was cleared.