Watch: Leeds folk admit they couldn’t cope without their mobile phone

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Most of us cannot imagine life without one.

But as the mobile phone celebrates 30 years of use, it seems the people of Leeds simply could not cope without their trusty, portable pal.

Nokia mobile phone....edi....

Nokia mobile phone....edi....

Keeping in touch with loved ones, family and friends seems to be the main reason for having them.

Over the last three decades billions of calls have been made on mobile phones.

Leeds born comedian Ernie Wise made one of the first ever mobile calls from London’s St Katharine Docks on 1 January, 1985, via the Vodafone network.

A crowd gathered near to the Dickens Inn to witness ‘Little Ern’ call the Vodafone office in Newbury with a Transportable Vodafone VT1. It weighed around five kilos, and cost two grand — or £5,000 in today’s money.



Consumers in Leeds shared their thoughts about how the trusty handset has changed their lives over the years with the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Caterer Sue Leybourne, of Morley, who works in city centre Leeds, said: “I definitely use mine.

“Not as much as some but I like to have it with me.”

Alison Gawthorpe, 46, of Bingley, said; “I use mine for Facebook and for texting, chatting. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Media worker Joanne Gilbert, has the latest iPhone 6 model, adding: “I use it all the time.

“Wouldn’t be without it for facebook, texting and keeping in touch.”

And Leeds City Council chief executive Tom Riordan said it would be impossible to run the city without a mohile phone.

Four out of 10 people admit sleeping with their mobile phone near their side so they don’t miss a call or text message.

The average person unlocks his or her smartphone 110 times a day and sends 170 text messages per month.

One survey shows that 63 per cent of women and 73 per cent of men don’t go more than an hour without checking their phone. When the first phones were sold in the UK 30 years ago there were just five masts, all in London.

There are now more than 40,000, providing signals for the nation’s 70 million mobile telephones. Britons now make more than 132 million mobile calls every day.

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‘Leeds would be impossible to run without one’

City decision maker Tom Riordan, the chief executive of Leeds City Council, said it would be impossible to run the city without a mobile phone.

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember a world with no mobile phones or iPads,” he said.

“They’ve undoubtedly made a huge difference to the way people live their lives.

“Overall, I think they’ve been a force for good and life would be duller without them.

“Positives for me are the ability to work and communicate quickly and effectively with a whole range of different people from nearly any location.

“Things like ‘Facetime’ video calls can make a huge difference to keeping in touch with loved ones across the world. Downsides are the fact that some people, sometimes me included according to my daughter Amy, can’t seem to put them down.

“Social media as a by-product has revolutionised the way news stories break and any organisation or figure in public life cannot ignore its impact - both positive and negative.”