WATCH: Heartwarming moment Harrogate girl is re-united with military dad

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The magical moment a little girl from Harrogate was re-united with her daddy returning from deployment in Qatar has gone viral.

A video taken by Hannah Caffrey of her four year old daughter, Emily, and husband, Jon, seeing each other for the first time in months has been viewed thousands of times over on Facebook.

Jon Caffrey, with his little girl Emily (4). Picture: Hannah Caffrey

Jon Caffrey, with his little girl Emily (4). Picture: Hannah Caffrey

Jon, a Sargent currently on six months detachment in Qatar, had just landed at RAF Brize Norton for 10 days rest and recuperation when Emily ran towards him for a much-deserved cuddle.

But the short time together was perhaps even more special, as little Emily was diagnosed with a brain malformation just last year.

Hannah Caffrey said: "Because of the problems she has, she's not very vocal. I had explained to her in the car that we were going to see daddy but it wasn't until she saw him that I think she fully realised.

"My daughter is the strongest little girl to go through what she's gone through already.

Emily with dad Jon as she rides her pony. Picture: Hannah Caffrey

Emily with dad Jon as she rides her pony. Picture: Hannah Caffrey

"Emily was born at 28 weeks and we have travelled around the country since she was born, moving with Jon's postings but we have bought a house in Harrogate so we have a base.

"Sadly she's one of those children that has a malformation of no name. Long term, no-one has any idea what it might mean, we don't know what she'll do, it's very much take every day as it comes and see what happens."

Although the family can Whatsapp and video-call while Jon is away, Hannah explains that it is difficult to get Emily to properly talk to her dad over webcam.

She said: "He sees massive changes in her development and just in herself, she's turned into a proper little girl. He's overwhelmed by her, she is out and out a proper daddy's girl

Emily and Jon enjoying quality time together. Picture: Hannah Caffrey

Emily and Jon enjoying quality time together. Picture: Hannah Caffrey

"Seeing her for the last 10 days has been really good for him to see how much she's changed in that time."

The couple also have another seven-month-old daughter called Molly and while Jon was home, the family celebrated Emily's fourth birthday.

Jon Caffrey said: The greeting I got from Emily when I arrived back in the UK was more than I could ever of hoped for, I have often seen other fathers being greeted by their kids but never knew how special it really was until Emily came running up to me like she did. Luckily the video hides it, but I was closer to tears than I like to admit.

"She is a very bright and happy little girl and also very much a daddy's girl, which makes it all the more difficult to leave her as she understands enough to know daddy is leaving but can't comprehend how long for or why he isn't coming home everyday.

"Although I have done several deployments in the past, this is the first time I have been away for any significant period of time since having children which makes it so much harder for both me and Hannah.

Jon who usually works at RAF College Cranwell within the RAF Police Special Investigations Branch is not due back from his detachment until August.

On Tuesday (May 2) Jon flew back to Qatar and said goodbye to his family who he will see again when he finally returns home in the summer.

He said: "Hannah, who is an amazing Mum and wife, has her hands full when I'm away, and I don't think people appreciate just how tough it is for military wives/husbands when their partners are deployed, especially when children are involved.

"The 11 days I had back in the UK were amazing, especially as it was over Emily's fourth birthday, so we had a couple of parties for her as well as some good quality family time.

"Sadly though that is all over now and I won't be back home to see them until August."

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