Watch: Bewildered Dad’s video blog for Leeds and Yorkshire travel

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If you have ever wanted to find out what links Saltaire to Trafalgar Square, why Bucks Fizz are heroes in Harrogate or which joke every dad can’t resist telling in Ilkley, then this adorable video blog is for you.

The Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire, starring Jim Coulson, 37, and his three-year-old daughter Elsa is a hilarious and heart-warming YouTube series which aims to find out how family-friendly the county is.

The weekly episodes see the pair from Burley-in-Wharfdale visit towns and cities across Yorkshire.

They dig into the history of each destination, receive advice from local experts on what to look out for and unearth some bizarre and fascinating facts before uploading the results to Jim’s Bewildered Dad YouTube channel.

Jim, who works in marketing, said: “Yorkshire is a fantastic place to bring up kids and I wanted to celebrate that whilst also helping out other parents who are looking for ways to keep the family entertained.

“The region has exciting, vibrant cities, a wealth of history and the most stunning countryside in the UK, if not the world.

“We thought this would be a fun way to pay tribute to that.” So far, dad and daughter have created films about Saltaire, Ilkley, Harrogate and Bradford, with Hebden Bridge and Keighley still to come in Series One of the guide before Christmas.

As well as his YouTube channel Jim also has his own website,, in which he offers parenting tips and amusing stories.

He said: “The idea for this site came from reading a whole heap of baby books with my wife when we were expecting and realising even before the birth that they were talking a proper load of old nonsense.

“Don’t trust anyone who says they have it sorted, the big secret is that no one actually knows what they’re doing so let us revel in that.

“It’s okay to be bewildered, being a parent is a world of bewilderment. I might not have any solid advice on how to soothe a teething baby at 3am but this site will hopefully entertain, amuse and/or educate you whilst you try to abate the screaming.”

Although his wife Jill, 36, is a fan of his online endeveaours, she is very strict about not being in them. Jim said: “She has a blanket ban on appearing in the videos.

“She enjoys what Elsa and I do but she very much likes that I don’t involve her much.

“Jill looks after our daughter all the time so I think she needs the time off. It’s great for me though because I get to spend time with my daughter.”


Although jim is an enemy of hard and fast rules when it comes to raising a child, here are some of his tips to help all parents get along:

Put lost items you find somewhere easily findable.

No judging other parents or children. NONE.

Show toddler meltdown solidarity.

Tiredness is not a competitive sport.

Always share your wet wipes.

Never ignore a greeting from another a child, no matter what mood you are in.