Warning issued to cat owners over polar vortex heading to Yorkshire

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Yorkshire is about to be hit by a polar weather system known as the 'beast from the east'.

The icy Siberian blast poses a danger to the elderly and vulnerable - and it can also put our pets at risk.

National charity Cats Protection have released advice about caring for your feline friend during the cold snap.

Here are their top tips

1. If your cat is seeing snow for the first time, let them explore a safe, enclosed area first and accompany them in case they get into difficulties.

2. Check your cat’s paws when they come in and gently wipe off any road grit, salt or compacted snow.

3. Like humans, cats can get frostbite. Be vigilant for any signs of skin discolouration, pain, swelling and/or blisters, particularly on extremities such as their ears and toes.

4. Consider keeping your cat indoors at night, when temperatures are lower and the risk of road traffic accidents is higher.