Wakefield store plans are ‘worst seen in 40 years’ according to councillor

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Plans for a new Co-op store on a busy road are “the worst seen in 40 years”, according to a local councillor.

The supermarket chain wants to build a new convenience store on the site of the empty South Kirkby Health Centre, on Barnsley Road.

But the plans have been thrown into doubt after councillors said that the location of the proposed entrance to the car park, on Barnsley Road itself, would be dangerous.

They want the Co-op to turn the store around so customers have to drive to it from the adjoining Langthwaite Road. The Co-op said that they had ruled out all alternative entrances and added they did not want to be “unco-operative” on the issue.

Coun Steve Tulley said: “There are 1,100 HGVs a day going past this site. There is an abundance of convenience stores in the area. If ever there’s a place to put a convenience store, it isn’t there.

“From a health and safety point of view, this is the worst application in 40 years in local government I’ve ever seen.”

On behalf of the Co-op, Tony Aspbury, said: “We’ve been looking at the traffic going up and down the road for two years and we have looked at all the options. We decided that none of them work. We recognise there is a potential issue here and we are trying to address it. We’re not being unco-operative.”