Wakefield Prison: Inmates set to receive luxury festive feast

Roast turkey is on the menu for inmates at Wakefield Prison, who will tuck into a three-day festive feast this Christmas.

Britain's worst criminals will wake up to a cooked breakfast on Christmas Day, followed by tomato soup and turkey with all the trimmings for lunch.

Their evening meal will be a selection of cheese and tuna sandwiches, followed by individually-wrapped Christmas cake.

Prisoners, including Baby P's killer Steven Barker – who is serving 12 years for causing or allowing baby Peter's death in 2007 – will also tuck into more spreads on Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Braised steak and chips are on the menu , along with halal and vegetarian options.

A prison insider said: "Many pensioners would struggle to match the menu offered here. They're entitled to a Christmas meal, but a lot of people will be shocked at what's on offer. It seems wrong as so many on the outside are struggling to make ends meet."

Wakefield Prison houses 700 of Britain's most violent inmates. Among them is Roy Whiting, serving life for the murder of 10-year-old Sarah Payne in 2000; and child killer Sidney Cooke, who was jailed in 1989.

Taxpayers' Alliance campaigner Charlotte Linacre said: "Lots of families are struggling with the rising costs of living.

"So for many of them this will be a Christmas without all the trimmings."

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