Wakefield great-grandma is face of new food campaign

Pam Clarkson.
Pam Clarkson.
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Great-grandmother Pam Clarkson is preparing to cook a free festive meal to over 130 vulnerable people – for the 14th Christmas in a row.

Pam steps into the kitchen at Blackburn Hall in Rothwell every Christmas Day to dish up a five-course meal to the elderly, widowed and disabled.

Thanks to her impressive charity efforts, the kind-hearted 74-year-old from Wakefield has been chosen as the face of a new Sainsbury’s campaign.

Pam, who has been doing charity work for over 50 years, is one of the four faces of the Sainsbury’s ‘Make Your Roast Go Further’ campaign, which launches on January 1 and advises customers how to make their Sunday roast go further.

Grandson Craig Cockerham told the YEP: “She truly is one of a kind and such an amazing woman and deserves recognition for her achievements.”

Pam first had a taste of charity work when she helped her mother cook Easter meals for elderly people at a pub in Morley.

She works tirelessly to secure donations from local councillors, companies and traders to host the Christmas Day feast every year and will be doing the same this year.

She has been chosen with three other ‘food lovers’ for the Sainsbury’s campaign, alongside Jack Monroe from Essex, Rejina Sabur-Cross from London and Nick Coffer from Watford.

They will all now star in the new television advertising and will be sharing their tasty recipes and handy tips about how to use up left over food from Sunday roasts – making one joint of meat last up to three days.

Sainsbury’s search for the four talented ‘food lovers’ saw them hunt for well-respected people who are regarded as a local hero.

Sarah Warby, marketing director at Sainsbury’s, said: “In the current economic environment we’re all less interested in the ideas of celebrity chefs.

“We’re looking more for help and inspiration from people you can really relate to and practical, achievable ideas.”

She added: “Jack, Rejina, Pam and Nick are four genuine ‘food lovers’, with families of their own, who are making the most of their food to manage tight budgets.

“All are ‘local heroes’ who’ve built up their influence from the grassroots within their own communities, so it’s great to give them a broader platform to share their approaches.”