Wakefield: Girl describes the moments ex killed sister and friend

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A teenager described the horror of seeing her ex-boyfriend knife her sister and best friend to death.

Elisa Frank told police how Ahmad Otak, 21, murdered her sister Kimberley Frank, 17, and her friend Samantha Sykes, 18, in Wakefield.

Miss Frank’s video testimony was played at the trial of Steven Harratt, who is accused of helping Otak to try and evade justice after the killing.

Elisa, then 19, told detectives how she had broken up with Otak and had arranged for him to bring her property to her sister’s flat on Barden Road on March 9, last year. The jury heard Otak repeatedly stabbed Kimberley.

Miss Frank said: “I think he was crying, I can’t remember, and saying that I made him do it and if I had gone back to him this would never have happened. He said he hadn’t decided whether he was going to kill me or not. At one point he was standing more or less over her body and he spat on her body and started laughing.

Otak then got her to ring her friend Samantha Sykes to tell her to come round. Before she got there Otak tied her hands and feet with electrical cables and he covered Kimberley’s body with a blanket.

Samantha arrived and was buzzed in to the flat complex.

Miss Frank’s said: “I just shouted come in, then there was a few seconds, after that there was just screaming. She shouted Elisa’... after that it was just screams, really loud screams.”

The court heard how Otak untied Elisa and took her at knife-point to Harratt’s flat in Willow Grove, Sandal. The trial has heard how Otak asked for and was given £250 by Harratt.

Harratt, 57, is also alleged to have provided Otak with food, clothing and a satellite navigation system plus information about ferry crossings. Otak planned to drive down to Dover and escape to France, but was apprehended by police in Kent.

Harratt told police he did not know what had happened and denied assisting Otak in any way. He has pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender with intent to impede the apprehension or prosecution of Otak.

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