Wakefield College moves to top of the class

STAFF and students at Wakefield College are jumping for joy after getting top marks from education watchdogs.

Ofsted inspectors heaped praise on the college after a recent visit, highlighting its "outstanding approach to working with partners, safeguarding, and equality and diversity."

The week-long inspection praised the college's engagement with the wider community and gave an "outstanding" mark for its work with partners to develop the curriculum and respond to local needs.

The college's ICT provision was also assessed with the inspection team looking at both full and part-time provision at foundation, intermediate and advanced level.

Overall, the area achieved a grade one, the highest possible, with inspectors describing outcomes for learners as "outstanding".

The effective use of technology in teaching and learning was also given a thumbs up.

Students' use of the college's on-line learning facility, Blackboard,was also commended and the inspectors noted the national recognition the college has received with its recent beacon award for excellence in the use of ILT.

Inspectors highlighted the example of a tutor who connected a video camera to an interactive white board to provide an effective demonstration to a large group about the installation of hardware components into a computer.

College principal, Sue Griffiths said: "We are absolutely delighted with the Ofsted report. This is a fantastic outcome for the college and reflects the hard work and commitment that we put into improving our students' life chances."

The college's chair of governors, Cath Orange, added: "Governors are thrilled with the inspection outcomes released today. The recognition of the dedication, passion and excellence of staff is very heartening."

The college was rated "outstanding" or "good" in 22 of the 23 areas it was assessed in and achieved an overall rating of good.

The full inspection report can be viewed on the Ofsted website www.ofsted.gov.uk.

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