Visitor boost bid for Leeds

STRATEGY: Partner Northern Ballet's Beauty and the Beast.
STRATEGY: Partner Northern Ballet's Beauty and the Beast.
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Four independent venues are coming together as part of a strategic collaboration to boost visitor numbers and increase dwell time in Leeds.

The Leeds Club, The Studio, Horizon and Northern Ballet have agreed to redirect any enquiries, that they are unable to convert into bookings, to each other. Rebecca Hutchinson, sales manager at Leeds Club, helped come up with the idea for the organisation.

She said: “The four of us realised how different we all are. One day we just said we’re so different we wonder if there’s a way we can help each other out. We’re still competing for business, but if we can’t do it or if a customer wants a more modern venue then why shouldn’t we try and help each other out a little bit?”

The four venues are hoping to increase the dwell time in the city by bringing together their different offers for companies looking at multi-day conferences.

“There’s an awful lot to do in the city,” Ms Hutchinson said. “When we speak to companies who want to book conferencing, they are interested in other offering. For example Northern Ballet has got the ballet, it’s not just a venue. We’re hoping our advertising will draw in longer-stay conferences.”

She added that there was further scope for collaboration. “This is just the beginning. We’re going to meet up regularly and we want to hit the road with our collaboration,” Ms Hutchinson said.