Violent robber snared by DNA

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A VIOLENT robber has been returned to jail for his latest attack on a taxi driver.

Andrew Claxton, 36, was given a 21-month sentence over the robbery in which he stole a sat nav from the driver as he was parked in a street in Gipton, Leeds. Claxton also punched a police officer during the struggle as he fled the scene.

Leeds Crown Court heard Claxton and another man targeted the driver in St Wilfrid’s Crescent at 11pm on January 19 this year.

Charles Blatchford, prosecuting, said Claxton got into the back of the car, grabbed the driver from behind and demanded money.

He took £20 and the sat nav during the struggle, in which the driver managed to press a panic button in the car.

A police van was sent to the scene and arrested Claxton’s accomplice.

Claxton punched an officer in the face and managed to run off. A description of Claxton was circulated and other police officers spotted him a short distance away, on Amberton Crescent, trying to get into another taxi.

The officers went to speak to him but he ran off.

A glove was found in the foot well of the taxi were Claxton carried out the robbery and it was found to contain his DNA.

He was arrested three days after the incident.

Claxton, of Hamilton Avenue, Chapeltown, Leeds, pleaded guilty to robbery, assaulting a police constable and attempting to resist arrest.

The court heard he had a long criminal record for violence.

He was jailed for five years in 2005 for a street robbery in which he repeatedly kicked the female victim in the head.

Simon Batiste, mitigating, said Claxton’s offences were linked to drug abuse but he had done well to free himself of his addiction while on remand.

He said Claxtpon was progressing well in custody. He added that Claxton had reached the top status of ‘enhanced prisoner’ while in prison.

Mr Batiste said his client was also trusted to be the barber on the wing of the jail where he is being held.

Recorder Angus Withington said: “This would have been a very upsetting event for the taxi driver in question.”

He added: “You have a long history of offending and in my judgement that aggravates the offence.”

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