Video: World famous Moscow State Circus arrives in Leeds

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The world famous Moscow State Circus has unveiling its breathtaking new show to Leeds audiences.

The circus’ new production Park Gorkogo has arrived in Leeds for a six-day run at Harewood House.

Clowns Pavel Ivanov and Ekaterina Voevodkina.

Clowns Pavel Ivanov and Ekaterina Voevodkina.

Organisers of the awe-inspiring show have dubbed it their “latest and greatest production to date”. Taking place in a state-of-the-art big top in the historic house, the travelling artists’ performances are set in the mystical centre of Moscow’s cultural and artistic quarter, Park Gorkogo, or ‘Gorky Park’. Superstar clowns invite the audience to the mysterious place and reminisce about past times in one of the most famous cities on earth - all surrounded by a multitude of flying, back flipping, juggling and rollerskating performances.

The year’s show features the award-winning flying trapeze of Alievs White Birds; the rollerskating of the Veslovskis and the unique Yakovlev vertical pole jugglers.

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