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IF YOU can bend it like Beckham on the pitch and putt like McIlroy on the green then there’s a sports venue in Leeds where you may find you excel.

The Leeds Golf Centre has spent the early summer converting its par three Oaks course to accommodate Footgolf – a brand new sport that combines both football and golf.

Chris Dove playing footgolf at Leeds Golf Centre, watched by club pro Andy Herridge.

Chris Dove playing footgolf at Leeds Golf Centre, watched by club pro Andy Herridge.

The sport has been launched just in time to coincide with the World Cup.

Speaking about the unusual new sport, operations manager Nigel Sweet said: “With a summer of football upon us, we felt it was right to get in the footballing mood.”

New astroturf tees and greens have been laid at the Oaks course to create six challenging par three or par four holes – with distances ranging from 39 to 90 yards.

Players must kick a football into the specially designed holes and must attempt to take the least amount of shots possible.

Every strike of the ball counts as a stroke and, like golf, the player with the lowest score wins the hole.

There is a choice of six holes, which takes around an hour to complete, or 12 holes, which takes two hours.

Obstructions cannot be removed, although if the ball ends up in a water hazard, it can be retrieved before being played two metres back from the land nearest to where the ball entered the water.

According to the Leeds Golf Centre website, the sport is suitable for football fans, golfers, families, grandparents, corporate events and team building events.

The only dress code stipulation for footgolf is that players must wear trainers or similar shoes.

Football boots with studs and golf shoes with spikes are not allowed.

Footgolf has already proved popular.

The sport has an international governing body and regional, national and international tournaments have already been set up.

Footgolf sessions at the Leeds Golf Centre can be booked in advance by going online to

Footgolf sessions cost £5 for a six-hole session or £7.50 for a 12-hole session.

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