VIDEO: West Yorkshire Police post Running Man dance clip

West Yorkshire Police took on the Running Man Challenge.
West Yorkshire Police took on the Running Man Challenge.
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A clip of officers and cadets from West Yorkshire Police taking part in the most recent video trend to sweep the Internet has been viewed more than 38,000 times.

The Running Man Challenge involves groups or individuals dancing to 1990s R&B song My Boo by Ghost Town DJs and uploading the footage.

The dance was started by American teenagers Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall and popularised by University of Maryland basketball players Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens.

The police post, which was organised by positive action co-ordinator PC Amjad Ditta and perorming arts school CAPA College in Wakefield, received positive feedback on the force’s Facebook page.

Some comments suggested it was a “waste of time” but the force’s social media account said the activity was done out of completely out of working hours.

Lora Broxup said: “Brill. Glad to see the finished product. We were wondering what you was doing when we caught a glimpse of you on the CCTV in the gatehouse.”

Katie Hewitt said: “Love this! All these people slating WYP, get a grip! Numbers have been cut. Staff are going out on there own. It’s not their fault. These are ordinary people just doing their job and I think they do a fab one at that so next time you need the polices help just think about what you have just said!”

Peter Lawson said: “Great to see officers and cadets in their own time showing they are only human. Grumpy complainers need to read before criticism.”

Aj Jammatch said: “Haha amazing dancers in unform. Well done WYP.”

Lou Logan-Yates said: “WYP just *sassed* the rest!”

Police forces and thousands of people around the world have taken the challenge and posted their efforts.