VIDEO: Violent hammer attack in 100-man mass riot at Leeds Bangladeshi community centre

Six men have been jailed over a shocking large scale disorder at a Leeds community centre in which rival factions attacked each other with fearsome weapons.

A jury was shown disturbing police body camera footage of the violent feud between more than 100 men as the battled each other with knives, hammers, metal bars and machetes.

Shamin Hussain

Shamin Hussain

A total of 32 people have now been prosecuted over the disturbance at the Bangladeshi Community Centre, in Harehills, which police say cast the city in a “negative light.”

Widespread violence erupted during the annual general meeting at the centre on May 30, 2015.

Leeds Crown Court heard the centre, on Roundhay Road, is run by a board of directors.

In the weeks leading up to the incident there had been issues between members of the board which caused a split into two factions.

The weapons recovered by police

The weapons recovered by police

The meeting was arranged to try to resolve the issues but the event quickly got out of hand.

Verbal arguments and abuse turned to violence which then degenerated into the large scale disorder.

Some of those involved in the violence had smuggled weapons into the meeting.

Rivals flung chairs at each other and concrete blocks were thrown through the windows of the centre.

Community police officers had attended the meeting because of the tensions put were powerless to stop the violence despite pleading with both sides to stop.

A ‘code zero’ message had to be sent out for all police officers in the area to attend the centre.

The violence continued when one of the rival groups made a phone call to “bring in the cavalry” and more men arrived at the centre armed with weapons.

Body camera footage from one officer filmed Shamin Hussain striking one of his rivals twice on the head with a hammer, causing him to suffer a fractured skull.

Hussain, 40, of Hares Mount, Chapeltown, was jailed for six years after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of an offensive weapon and violent disorder.

Four men were each jailed for eight months after being found guilty of violent disorder.

They were: Syed Ahmed, 51, of Ellers Road, Chapeltown; Thuhel Ahmed, 40, of Cowper Street, Chapeltown; Shumon Abedin, 49, of Holt Rise, Adel; Rofique Islam, 47, of Potternewton Mount.

Abdul Hasan, 32, of Hill Top Mount, Chapeltown, was found guilty of possession of an offensive weapon - a metal bar - and was also jailed for eight months.

Hasan was not at the meeting but was contacted after the violence began.

Police found him in possession of the weapon and arrested him. A further 26 defendants were given non-custodial sentences in relation to the incident after pleading guilty to violent disorder at earlier court hearings.

Jailing the men, judge Robin Mairs said it was only through luck that no one suffered a “catastrophic” injury.

He said: “This was sustained, indiscriminate and premeditated violence on a large scale.

“Such was the violent intent they were prepared to damage the community centre they professed to care for.”

Jailing the men, judge Mairs said: “You are all men of mature years.

“You all have jobs and family commitments.

“All of you are of good character and all of you are connected to others who will do doubt suffer because of the penalties imposed.” The judge also commended the police officers involved in investigating the incident.

He said: “This was an extremely thorough, researched investigation in difficult circumstances. It was not just thorough, it was fair and impartial.”

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