Video: These Leeds volunteers are the clean of the crop!

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VOLUNTEERS cleared 20 bags of rubbish from Killingbeck pond and nature reserve during a day of action.

Supporters of the YEP’s Clean Up Yorkshire campaign, Wykebeck Valley Friends Association, were joined by council rangers and staff from McDonalds to clear up the area around Killingbeck Fields yesterday.



Administrator Lynne Caulfield said: “We had an excellent response from volunteers and lots of people came out to join us.

“We hold a clear up every month, and keeping on top of the litter that is dropped in the area encourages families, cyclists and other people who used the fields to keep it nice and tidy.”

The YEP launched the Clean Up Yorkshire campaign in the spring to encourage everyone to do their bit, after revealing that Leeds City Council spends £8m keeping the streets clean.