Video: Swan goes walkabout in middle of Leeds road

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A swan caused traffic chaos after it found itself walking down the middle of a Leeds road - before being rescued by a sympathetic onlooker.

The swan had been making its way down the middle of Globe Road on the outskirts of Leeds city centre completely oblivious to motorists keen to get to work.

That was until 23-year-old Rebecca Watkinson spotted it from the sixth floor window of GDF Suez before deciding to carry out an impromptu rescue.

The kind-hearted sales support worker scooped it up before carrying it more than 500 yards back to the safety and the more tranquil surroundings of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Rebecca said: I was sat in the building doing work and saw it walking down the road. So I decided to pick it up and put it back in the canal.”

Rebecca said the swan - whom she named Happy Feet - didn’t appear to be in distress or bothered by the oncoming cars, many of which were sounding their horns.

“It seemed perfectly happy to be honest, she said.

And when asked by the YEP whether it was something to tell family and friends she added: “I’ve got the scratches to prove it.

“All is well that ends well.”

RSPB supporter advisor, Richard James, said: “Swans can get themselves into some tricky situations. It appears as though they may occasionally confuse roads for rivers, which obviously puts them in danger. They need plenty of space to take off so once grounded they can struggle to get clear and may need a helping hand.”

Dan Sidley, founder of the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital based at Barlow, near Selby, commended Rebecca on her actions.

“We were on our way to Leeds to help but received a call to tell us that a young lady had already carried out a rescue. This was a very brave thing to do and were would like to express our thanks.

“September is the time of the year when young swans leave their parents and it is not uncommon for them to find their way onto roads. It is of paramount importance that they are taken to a place of safety which I am pleased to say happened in this case.”

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