Video: Leeds student’s fishy career is the catch of the day

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For most students graduating from university, the gaining of a degree tends to lead them into the world of work.

But for Liam Tarbett, it was his part-time job as a fishmonger at Kirkgate Market which helped him to find his perfect plaice.

Fishmonger Liam Tarbet.

Fishmonger Liam Tarbet.

After graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a 2:1 in music, film and TV, Liam decided to turn his back on his degree and plan a future in fish.

Liam, 27, juggled his three years of studying for his degree with gutting and preparing fish.

He said: “Whenever I had free time out of lectures - a couple of times a week - or whenever I had leave, I’d go to work for a bit of extra money.

“I was leading a bit of a double life.

“I was getting up for work at 6am to come down the market.

“It was an interesting time.

“Everyone was out until 2am in the morning and then I was getting up in three hours’ time to go to work on the fish stall in the market.

“ Juggling exams and course work and stuff was difficult but towards the end I knew what I wanted to do.

“Everyone else on my course seemed to feel overworked by starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm.

“I just felt some people didn’t realise what a hard day’s work was all about.

“It made me appreciate the fish trade a bit more, what everyone was doing there and I admired the people I was working with.”

Eighteen months ago, Liam set up his own fishmonger stall at the city centre market, which has become a family affair, and now has plans to expand into Chapel Allerton.

And the fishmonger said he doesn’t regret his decision to opt for his fishy career choice over his degree studies.

Liam added: “When I finished my degree, I thought I’d pursue the fish market rather than actually pursuing my degree. It was a bit of a hunch but I’ve no regrets. I think it was definitely the right thing to do.”