VIDEO: Leeds sixth form student creates anti-abuse video

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A sixth form student from Leeds has created an online video which she hopes will raise awareness of psychological abuse.

Allerton Grange sixth former Fizah Iqbal, 17, approached peers and teachers within school and asked them if they would be willing to support her campaign by starring in the video.

In the 100-second film edited by Fizah, more than 60 students and teachers feature with abusive words taped over their mouths.

Fizah, who is in year 12, already plays an active role in raising awareness of topics close to her heart with her blog ‘Think Lifestyle, Think Me’.

Now she has teamed up with Leeds-based domestic violence charity Behind Closed Doors as they aim to promote the video and raise the campaign against the use of derogatory or abusive language.

The 17-year-old said: “I think psychological abuse is more widespread amongst young people than is currently thought, but I see it a lot and it’s become commonplace for people to accept their boyfriend or girlfriend having the PIN to their phone or checking their social media accounts.

“Things might start off as small but can escalate quickly and we need to re-educate young people on what is and is not acceptable so that they can go on to form healthy relationships.

“I hope my video reaches far and wide and if it helps just one young person recognise psychological abuse then I’ll be happy.”

Behind Closed Doors has invited Fizah to become the first Young Person’s Ambassador for the charity and is working with the project team on how to develop the role and utilise funding which is hoping to be secured in order to work with local schools and colleges.