Video: Leeds lap dancers make a stand to save their jobs UPDATED

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Lap dancers from a Leeds club have protested over licence changes which they claim could see them lose their jobs.

Workers from Wildcats on The Headrow donned matching T-shirts emlazoned with ‘Save our jobs’ in City Square.

Following a change in legislation, all lap dancing clubs have been reclassified as “sexual entertainment venues” and have to reapply for their licences.

The club is one of seven in the city that will have to re-apply.

Its owner fears Wildcats won’t meet the new criteria and will be forced to close.

Dancer Rachel, 26, from Leeds, studies psychology full time in Huddersfield. She said: “Working here helps me pay my mortgage as well as student fees.

“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this job. “It has got me through university.”

Dancer Poppy, 21, an English student at Leeds University, said: “I have loads of student debt. My other job as a waitress has hardly any hours but here I can have as many as I want.” Operations manager Hamed Nejad said: “If the lap dancing clubs face closure a lot of people will become jobless. We have 150 girls as well as bar staff and DJs.

“We employ students hoping to pay their university fees, people who are supporting their families and single mums.

“These jobs are important to people and without them there will be more unemployed people.”

The licencing hearings run from June 11 to 15.