Video: Leeds Festival bidding to stop repeat of muddy mayhem

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Bramham Park owner Nick Lane Fox today revealed details of measures designed to prevent a repeat of the mudbath that blighted last summer’s Leeds Festival.

Around £50,000 has been spent installing 1,000 metres of piping to improve drainage at Bramham, which has been home to the annual rock music extravaganza since 2003.



A layer of stone has also been put in place underneath the top soil in the section of the site used for the festival’s Piccadilly Party gatherings.

The area was one of the worst affected by the quagmires that took hold during the rain which battered last year’s event, organised by private firm Festival Republic.

Mr Lane Fox said: “We obviously cannot control the weather but what we have done aims to alleviate its effects if it does turn nasty again. Things got pretty bad last year – at one point the top soil was flowing down the hills like lava.”

Last year’s conditions had a knock-on impact on the middle of Leeds, with streets becoming a sea of mud and dirty wellies during the post-festival exodus of fans to the city’s railway station.

Council bosses have previously hinted that steps to keep the city centre as clean as possible could be made part of the event’s annual licence agreement.

Asked for an update, a council spokeswoman said today: “Positive discussions on this year’s event management plan are continuing.

“Proposals to deal with the vagaries of the weather are being discussed to ensure lessons are learned from last year. Festival Republic has agreed a contribution towards the cost of last year’s clean-up.”

The spokeswoman was unable to give details of the overall bill or the proportion of it that would be picked up by Festival Republic.

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