Video: Leeds exhibition which suits you sir

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Kathryn Sargent, the first ever female head cutter on Savile Row, has returned home to Leeds to open a new exhibition celebrating the art of tailoring.

Born in Chapel Allerton, the 41 year old has also been commissioned to design a suit, made from Yorkshire cloth, for the showcase at Leeds City Museum. It now sits alongside a jacket made by another Leeds tailor, Dougie Millings, for Ringo Starr, a suit worn by the Duke of Windsor, as well as a number of items from two historic city tailoring firms - Montague Burton and Hepworth’s.

PIC: Tony Johnson

PIC: Tony Johnson

“Every day I work with Yorkshire cloth and I know it is the best in the world,” said Kathryn, who went to Allerton High School. “My business maybe based in London, but my heart will always be Leeds.”

Tailored: A Very British Fashion runs from today to January 2.