Video: Leeds celebrates National Yorkshire Pudding Day

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FOOD FANS will be tucking into their Yorkshire puddings with pride this weekend.

On Sunday, February 2, it’s National Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Pam Clarkson from Lofthouse, who has a top Yorkshire Pudding recipe.

Pam Clarkson from Lofthouse, who has a top Yorkshire Pudding recipe.

The event is traditionally held on the second Sunday in February.

It is believed the humble Yorkshire pudding was first given its name in the 1700’s, when it appeared in ‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’ and ‘The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy’ by Hannah Glasse.

A 2008 ruling by the Royal Society of Chemistry states that a Yorkshire pudding must stand at least four inches tall.

But people have their own take on the teatime treat, which can also be served as a starter or a dessert, as well as an accompaniment to Sunday dinners.

Great-grandmother Pam Clarkson from Lofthouse has her own tried and tested recipe.

The 74-year-old recently received an OBE for her 50 years of charity work and is also the face of the new Sainsbury’s campaign to make roast dinners last longer.

She said: “For four decent sized Yorkshire puddings, or 12 small ones, you just need one cup of plain flour, a cup of eggs – two or three, depending on the size – a cup of milk and a pinch of salt.

“Put it all in a bowl and mix it like mad. It never fails!”

Pam, who serves up a festive meal to over 100 local people every Christmas, added: “I also like them served with fruits of the forest, a little bit of honey poured over it and a dusting of icing sugar.”

Pam also adds different flavours to the batter for roast dinners, including onion and sage, mustard or mint sauce.

Leeds-born Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom, is also fond of the Yorkshire treat.

He said: “Yorkshire puddings take me back to my childhood. I was never a big vegetable eater so at Sunday dinner I’d pretty much only eat the beef and the Yorkshire pudding – the best bits.

“I don’t eat quite so many nowadays but you can’t say no on Christmas day, can you?”

Matthew’s brother Anthony recently launched Totally Lit North drama school in Leeds, but lives in London.

He said: “I love Yorkshire puddings. I can always remember my mum making great Yorkshires as a kid. Just before bed on a Sunday night, I would get the cold leftover Yorkshires out of the fridge and fill them with jam.

“In London it’s not quite the same but I am engaged to a lovely Yorkshire lass and she makes a mean Yorkshire pudding!”


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