Video: Leeds-born X Factor contestant Luke Friend calls on city’s support

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Leeds-born X Factor contestant Luke Friend has sent the YEP a video urging people in his home city to support him this weekend as he fights for a place in the final.

The clip, which was filmed at the contestants’ house in London, shows the 17-year-old singer-songwriter speaking of his love for Leeds and how he feels about the competition so far.

Luke Friend in City Square, Leeds.

Luke Friend in City Square, Leeds.

Luke said: “It has been absolutely amazing. I can’t thank people enough who have been supporting and for voting for me.”

Luke lived in Chapel Allerton until the age of eight, before moving to Shipley with his family. He moved to Devon four years ago.

Luke said: “I’ve loved Bradford and Leeds for so long and loved living there. I had the most amazing experiences.”

Speaking about being in the sing-off with Tamera Foster last week, he said: “I thought I have to go for it and show people how passionate I am for becoming a recognised musician.

“I didn’t think that it should have been me or Tamera in the bottom two after our performances on Saturday night and I am so sorry that Tamera is not still in the competition. She has fought so hard to keep a place.”

He added: “This weekend is going to be so hard to get through and it’s anyone’s game at the moment.

“Please just vote for me this weekend, it would be absolutely amazing.”

Luke will battle it out on Saturday night against Nicholas McDonald, Sam Bailey, and Rough Copy.

Luke’s dad Steve said: “His mum and I have always recognised that he has a special gift for performing and lighting up people’s lives.

“There is no way that he should have been in the bottom two, his performances on Saturday night were fantastic.”

Luke’s mum Sue said: “We can only hope that now people will pick up the phone and vote for Luke to be in the final as they can see how much he wants this and what a great singer and performer he is.”

Luke Friend will be battling it out for a coveted place in the final on X Factor, which will be broadcast on ITV1 at 8pm on Saturday. (Dec 7)