VIDEO: Jimmy Savile's burglar warning on lampposts

The voice of veteran DJ Sir Jimmy Savile is to be broadcast from lampposts in his home city to help the fight against burglars.

The 81-year-old presenter is helping out with "talking signs" which give advice on crime prevention in the student-dominated Hyde Park and Headingley areas of Leeds.

Sir Jimmy's voice will greet passers-by in the area with advice such as "Oi! Open doors, open windows. Burglars nick all the gear."

The signs, which are triggered by people walking past them, are part of a campaign organised by the Safer Leeds crime reduction partnership for the city.

Sir Jimmy told the BBC: "I have to apologise to all people of a nervous disposition and children because it could cause an innocent pedestrian, suddenly having me shouting in their ear, to be startled - or even make their hair turn white and long."

City councillor Les Carter, chair of the Safer Leeds Board, said: "I would like to thank Sir Jimmy for taking the time to support our anti-burglary campaign.

"High-risk burglary areas tend to be where large numbers of students live and we hope that people will listeN to Jimmy's advice and ensure they lock up their doors and windows."

Chief Inspector Mark Busley, of West Yorkshire Police, said: "Muggings, burglary and vehicle-related theft are the common crimes that students are at risk of.

"Any message that we can give that reduces the likelihood of them becoming a victim has to be a positive step."